Program management is designed to deliver commendable set of results in line with its projects objectives, ensuring that their processes and services contribute to the achievement of desired outputs and impacts.

Sustainable Development Foundation's framework for Project Management is based on the generic process flows of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling & Monitoring and Closing. The situation in Yemen is catastrophic and rapidly deteriorating. Hence SDF realizes that humanitarian response is essential to maintain its strategic focus on provision of direct services, life–saving assistance and protection to the vulnerable communities. In fact, the projects' activities that SDF proposes and implements are based on its primary objectives with a major focus on achieving its vision and mission towards sustainable development. In other words, SDF efforts ensure that all projects meet their objectives and deliver the projected benefits for targeted vulnerable communities through promoting economic empowerment and livelihoods, enhancing access and opportunities to education for all, contributing to peace-building and good governance to create a safe, conducive and healthy environment based on human rights principles. All SDF projects key actors ensure that principled effective humanitarian action reaches those who need it most. SDF is committed that its plans must be grounded both on evidence and actual capacity. SDF ensures its program planning and management focuses on accountability, transparency and cost-effectiveness throughout the project life cycle. SDF projects are operational and expanding in Amanat Al Asemah, Sana'a, Hajjah, Al Hodiedah, Mareb, Aden, Shabwa, Sa'ada, Abyan and Lahj. SDF undertakes a series of actions to build partnerships and strengthen relations with local authorities, private sectors, NGOs, regional and International organizations.


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General Introduction for Food Security as a Program


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