Environment Friends Station

Environment Friends Station

"We have become a model that all women in the region aspire to follow."


Othman Ali


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Environment Friends Station .. It is the first station in the region to generate electricity through solar energy, as this station has brought about many changes in the region on the level (environmental, social, and economic)


Environmental aspect:

Since its inception, the region's residents have directed to obtain energy through it, as it is one of the best solutions for obtaining energy without damage, so the station has contributed greatly to preserving the environment and reducing the spread of serious diseases resulting from traditional energy generators.


Social side:

The region in which the project was built is rural and has strict customs and traditions in which women face a tribal society that does not accept the presence of women in the field of work in general, especially businesses that are exclusive to men. All the girls of the region to emulate him, who were able, with their determination and support, to manage the project in an excellent way and do all the works with high accuracy, which led to changing the community’s idea towards the work of women, as it has become an effective person in the community and has the right to work and manage projects to Jan. Being able to support the family as well as men.


The economic aspect:

The "Friends of the Environment" station has created job opportunities for the station team that contribute to directly satisfying their living needs and their families, and indirectly generating electricity has contributed to moving the economic recession in the region by resuming energy-dependent businesses.