Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. Refugee children, as any other children in Yemen, have the right to access quality education and protection through existing services or through establishing additional services. SDF is aware that during displacement family and other social support networks may be weakened and education may be disrupted. Refugee children are also highly resilient and find ways to cope and move forward in the face of hardship and suffering. They draw strength from their families and find joy in friendships. Additionally, by learning in school, playing sports and having the creative space to explore their talents and use some of their skills, children can be active members in  their community. In the education sector, SDF targets around (20,226) refugee children as well as children from the host community in 10 governmental primary and secondary schools in Sana'a with a high concentration of refugees. Providing quality education to refugee children will broaden their knowledge, skills, and abilities and will enable them to live healthy and productive lives and ensure bright future with adequate livelihoods means. SDF's focus is on increasing the enrolment rate of refugee children in primary education to reach the target of (3,387) enrolled children. In the secondary education, SDF targets (250) refugees and (100) refugee children and youth in five governmental literacy centres, which are located in the schools, and one literacy centre within the Family Centre to increase the enrolment and retention rates in non-formal education which aims at assisting them to join their peers in formal education later on. In addition, SDF improves tertiary education through managing 16 protection scholarships in Yemeni universities for refugee students seeking higher education degrees in different majors according to relevant guidelines. The SDF provides social support to prevent dropouts and support the Students' Union Activities.

Education for Refugee

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