SDF aims at strengthening the needed services for refugees in the different areas of Yemen like child protection and education. The SDF seeks to provide a comprehensive intervention to cover the urgent needs of refugee, hosting community and other affected populations in Sana'a governorate with the ability to provide services beyond Sana'a governorate based on its programming expertise, presence and current operational access. SDF's working methodology and approach is community based and human rights focused. Thus, SDF at best contributes to provide life-saving assistance and services to refugee children and their families in accordance with dynamic capacity in addressing their basic needs. Under the SDF's humanitarian protection strategy, immediate and effective response mechanisms will be better employed towards the best interest of refugee and host community children so as to achieve the expected outcomes of the project. The Foundation assists refugee and asylum seeker children through solution oriented approach, in promotion of better opportunities for their sustainable solutions. SDF plans to implement a composite strategy of education, protection, community mobilisation and advocacy activities to create opportunities for the enrolment of more refugee children and to minimise the dropout rates for refugee children that attend these educational institutions. SDF also builds the capacity of the teachers in these institutions so that their teaching approach is friendly for refugee and vulnerable children who have a range of problems within and outside schools.


To focus fully on the goals of sustainable

development and humanitarian response.