SDF targets the vulnerable communities with emergency water, sanitation and hygiene assistance in response to their acute needs. SDF's WASH capacity continues to grow in accordance with its effective partnerships with UN Agencies, NGOs and INGOs and to the best delivery of related services and assistance provided to the targeted population. WASH has been a major component involved in many projects and activities in the field with greater outcomes, including successful community participation within projects/activities planning and implementation. The focus will remain on providing support to operate and maintain WASH systems and infrastructure, as well as providing integrated WASH services for IDPs and to fight malnutrition and disease outbreaks. Specific activities include direct provision of safe water to the most vulnerable, fuel support, repairs to keep water and sanitation systems running, provision of WASH supplies like communal water tanks, solar water pumping systems, water treatment solutions, distribution of hygiene materials and latrine construction or maintenance.


To focus fully on the goals of sustainable

development and humanitarian response.