Sustainable Development Foundation recognizes that prevention of conflict and promotion of peace is needed to protect women, men, youth and their families who want to live in peaceful communities and societies in Yemen and get the aspired employment and livelihood opportunities. SDF received information that women head of households in different parts in Yemen were not able to feed their families and were forced to accept their children and youth joining the armed forces and armed groups as a way to escape unemployment and poverty and secure income for the family. SDF had previous experiences working with vulnerable women and youth in conflict affected areas. To this end, SDF seeks to break down harmful norms and give men and women equal leverage in conflict resolution, conflict prevention, peace building, relief and recovery and rule of law. Despite state weakness, government meltdown, and political turmoil, SDF will continue to work for women, men and youth empowerment, freedom and human rights and recognize that women, men and youth are active and crucial agents for change. Including women and youth in peace and security efforts is not only the right thing to do; it also makes these efforts more effective and leads to sustainable solutions. Beside, SDF believes there is always need for women, men and youth to coordinate jointly all activities promoting peace to respond to Yemeni political culture and social traditions. The SDF applied to UNDP as the Monitoring and Evaluation NGO for Yemen Executive Mine Action Center (YEMAC) emergency project in the most affected areas. Peace Building has also been achieved through other projects and activities aimed at providing safe and healthy environment for the vulnerable groups and access to the basic services.


To focus fully on the goals of sustainable

development and humanitarian response.