Project .. food for assets

Project .. food for assets

The Food for Assets project funded by the World Food Program (WFP) aims to enhance and strengthen access to social safety nets and basic services, by strengthening the resilience of vulnerable families, restoring their productive assets and making a major contribution towards improving their food security .. In addition to that. The livelihoods of women will be strengthened and business enterprises in the food and agricultural value chains will be stimulated.


Project goals :-
• Improve the income of food insecure families, participate in food-for-assets activity, and ensure their access to food through cash transfers.
• Building and rehabilitating priority productive assets in the target communities.
• Improving access to income-generating opportunities and social services that can reduce exposure to natural or other shocks..
Covering immediate food needs through cash transfers that beneficiaries receive so that they create or rehabilitate assets, which contributes to improving their food security and resilience in the long term.
• In cooperation with local councils and community committees, to define priorities and assets that will be created and rehabilitated. The priorities chosen should contribute to improving the food security of the target communities, specifically improving access to infrastructure and basic social services, supporting agriculture, food production and productivity or reducing disaster risk. These assets must meet the criteria for viability, sustainability, and comprehensiveness.
• The project targets 6000 families in food aid for assets in each of Dhamar Governorate (Anas and Jahran districts), Ibb governorate (Al Nadera, Yarim and Al Qafr districts) and Al Mahwit governorate (Al Khubet, Bani Saad and Melhan districts).
• An improvement in food consumption by communities in the targeted areas.
• Improved living opportunities for women.
• The success of subsidized food and agricultural business projects.
• Reducing the negative coping strategies of the target beneficiaries and enhancing their resilience.

Project activities

Dhamar Governorate .. Directorates of Jahran, Anas

Food for assets activities - Ibb governorate

Food for assets activities - Al Mahwit Governorate