Enhanced Rural Resilience Programme in Yemen

Enhanced Rural Resilience Programme in Yemen

The project ... Strengthening Resilience in the Yemeni Countryside funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) aims to provide employment opportunities for (5,311) young men and women from the most vulnerable groups in the governorates of Hajjah districts (Abs, Aslam, Bani Qais) and Al Hudaydah Governorate Bagel and Venus) and integrate them into the business sector through a methodology (6 x 3) through a set of activities which are ..

Cash for work
Where the beneficiaries perform a group of businesses that serve the community for a period of 30 days, during which they can obtain savings.

The first business training
In this activity, the beneficiaries are trained on how to prepare a project plan, entrepreneurial skills and self-management, and acquire them in communication and communication skills. And training them on models and the beneficiaries are trained according to two different approaches, according to their scientific level approved by the International Labor Organization.

Financial literacy training
In this activity, the educated beneficiaries are trained on how to prepare a project plan and entrepreneurial skills in a manner appropriate to their level of education.

The second commercial training:
At this stage, the winning beneficiaries are trained in their projects on how to manage the project, account operations, financial records, purchases and sales, and then these beneficiaries are integrated into the local markets, which will expand the culture of empowerment and optimal marketing of their products.

Distribution of financial grants
Grants are distributed to the winning projects that are characterized by quality and sustainability as projects (livestock, beekeeping, commercial, etc.) that are of great importance in changing their living reality and are compatible with the nature of the region and the characteristics of the population.

Project goals

Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities, improving access to basic services and contributing to poverty reduction.
To enhance the capacity of war-affected societies in Yemen.
Providing temporary job opportunities for unemployed youth who belong to the poorest and most needy families.
Training young people in life skills, entrepreneurial skills and managing small projects.
- Distributing financial grants to beneficiaries of small projects to accelerate the early recovery of local communities and create sustainable job opportunities for youth.