The cash-for-work project funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) aims to create job opportunities to enhance emergency livelihoods for 4,178 beneficiaries and beneficiaries, who perform service work for the areas in which they live according to the needs and priorities of each region, where the beneficiaries implement Many works including (rehabilitation of agricultural lands, road reclamation, rehabilitation of wells, removal of weeds, implementation of home gardening works, rehabilitation of schools by building classrooms, building barriers to protect villages from torrents, building bathrooms for IDP camps, sewing school uniforms , Developing life skills such as sewing, embroidery, sewing, incense making and other income-generating works that provide emergency and sustainable services to affected communities. Under the supervision of specialists and engineers for each group, they provide the necessary technical assistance and advice to ensure proper implementation of the business and benefit society more, and has These actions were carried out according to safety procedures in order to reduce the expected risks during the work, and these actions were carried out in communication and cooperation with Relevant government sectors in order to provide technical expertise in sustaining societal assets that beneficiaries seek to implement.


Project goals


- Create job opportunities to secure sources of income to enhance emergency livelihoods.

- Carry out service work for the affected areas.

- Effective partnership with government agencies in the implementation of service works.

- Training and developing the beneficiaries and raising their skills on many income generating businesses.