Child Protection for Refugee Children Project

Child Protection for Refugee Children Project

This UNHCR-funded project aims to improve the protection of refugee children in the Capital Secretariat by providing high-quality services, appropriate assistance and comprehensive interventions to cover the protection needs of refugee children as well as providing life-saving assistance and services to children most at risk. To establish a mechanism for protecting children and procedures for evaluating their best interest and supporting them appropriately through a package of interventions such as providing psychological support, building the capabilities of children and involving them in the activities of the family center where a specialized center was created that provides opportunities for children and adolescents to interact positively with each other and participate in non-formal education and activities Protection, recreational activities and life skills The project also aims to issue birth certificates and provide solutions for children who lack the documents required to issue birth certificates.


Project goals

- Provide a safe environment for children to learn and play.

- Building children's capacities and enabling them to protect themselves.

- Enabling children to reach appropriate measures in the best interests of the child.

- Children with special needs receive targeted support.

- Facilitating children's access to legal documents.