Since 2003, we started working as a team in the voluntary and development operations. As a result of the vast experiences acquired over the time, we established an independent foundation «Sustainable Development Foundation»

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Mikiko Tanaka

Thank you for being an inspiration for people in these difficult times.

Abdulqader Hilal

We visited the institution and was an example of real development seriously under these difficult conditions proved to be successful and continued steady and wonderful fruit .. Greetings to her and wish her success and repayment

Abdulqader Ali Hilal

Caroline I ensign Hebben

Asia and whole SDF team is making this world a better place
With love
From New York City
Caroline I ensign Hebben

Johannes van derk

I wish to put on record my deep appreciation for Mrs. Asia Almashriqi- General Director of the sustainable Development Foundation (former Millennium Development Foundation) in Yemen who has successfully implemented UNHCR’s Child Protection Activities for Refugee Children in Sana’a since the conclusion of a partnership agreement with UNHCR Yemen in May 2015. Under the inspiring and dedication leadership of Mrs. Almashriqi, SDF has provided child protection services to refugee children including unaccompanied and separated children and children with disabilities and specific needs at a Family Centre which was established in Sana’a at the start of the partnership with UNHCR

In early 2016, the partnership with UNHCR was extended to allow SDF to also implement UNHCR’s Education program for Refugee Children, including the Educate A Child (EAC) project, in Sana’a focusing on refugee children enrollment in primary and secondary education, and creating a safe learning environment for refugee children in selected public school refugee children and has successfully brought these back to school. SDF has also supported the enrolment of refugee adolescents in tertiary education on informal vocational training and education.

Under Asia’s leadership, SDF, in implementing these two UNHCR programs in Sana’a, Yemen, has been particularly successful in obtaining support from local authorities, refugee and host communities for refugee children improved access to child protection and education services.

Asia has shown outstanding leadership, as well as excellent communication and networking skills. The quality of services provided has been consistently high, and the refugees visiting the center have provided numerous testimonies of how the SDF is a place for them to learn, study, and play in a safe environment, but also a getaway to higher education and integration in society. UNHCR is very grateful to Asia and her team for this unique partnership with SDF and for her personal outstanding contribution to attending the protection and education needs of the refugee children, and as such to help refugees to integrate in society.

I can heartily recommend Asia for any child protection and education program she may wish to apply for with her Foundation.


Sincerely Yours

Johannes van derk


UNHCR Yemen 

Auke Lootsma

I write in reference to the longstanding collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Yemen and the Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF), and specifically our partnership on the Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) project.  
As has been communicated by the UNDP team, our collaborative efforts on the ERRY project that addresses solar power needs and provides solutions and hope for three frontline conflict communities won the globally acclaimed Ashden Award for Humanitarian Energy.  
UNDP Yemen applauds SDF for the collaborative work leading to the Ashden Award.  
UNDP Yemen looks forward to continuing fruitful engagements with SDF.