World Day Against Child Labour 2020 focuses on the impact of crisis on child labour. The COVID-19 health pandemic and the resulting economic and labour market shock are having a huge impact on people’s lives and livelihoods. Unfortunately, children are often the first to suffer. The crisis can push millions of vulnerable children into child labour. Already, there are an estimated 152 million children in child labour, 72 million of which are in hazardous work. These children are now at even greater risk of facing circumstances that are even more difficult and working longer hours.

Health centers services

In light of the difficult health conditions that our country is going through, the following health centers (Fares Center, Masrouh Center, Khamis Mestaba Center, Al Sarhat Center, Al-Dahr Center,

Al-Mukhlifah Unit, Bani Rassam Unit) are being targeted by the project .. Providing basic health services in The districts with the highest priority Hajjah Governorate
By providing all its services effectively effectively through a cadre of doctors, assistants and nurses who work with all their energies in order to provide primary, secondary and emergency health care in addition to providing maternal and child care services and educational services for the residents of these areas as they are considered areas with the highest priority, as these have been supported Centers are equipped with basic medicines, equipment, supplies, tools, medical supplies, and maintenance, as well as the capacity of the health staff to respond quickly to disease and epidemics.

Work resumed

Today, the Foundation's staff resumed its work in various sectors after the Eid Al-Fitr holiday
With all precautionary measures and measures required to prevent the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19)

Together to confront ... Corona virus

Distribution of shelter materials.

As part of the activities of the project ... Monitoring protection and providing shelter assistance to the displaced and war-affected people,