The project is aimed to enhance the protection of children and adolescents from gender based violence. Activities have included awareness raising, capacity building, advocacy, counselling and the institutionalization of outcomes through a school-based approach with close linkages to local health clinics. In January 2013, a KAP Survey was carried out in Lahj and Aden, in the areas of intervention covered by the former EU project, to measure changes in knowledge, attitudes and practices of adolescents, parents and professionals in schools and health clinics. Furthermore, as the needs assessments show, alongside other contextual information on SRHR issues, there is still considerable need for activities to ensure the realization of SRHR Rights and protection from GBV amongst adolescents in Yemen through improved service provision, wider community understanding and eventually, behaviour change. Findings will be the basis for refining the strategy and programme design for SDF\SCI current planned project titled "My Safety, Our Future: The Enabling and Rehabilitation project for the most vulnerable adolescents through life skills and handicraft." to be implemented in Sana'a and Hodeidha.


To focus fully on the goals of sustainable

development and humanitarian response.