The Enhanced Rural Resilience Programme in Yemen will be undertaken in two phases where the first year will be implemented in Aslam, Hajjah, and Bajel, Al-Hudeida, targeting 850 youth from both districts in 2016-2017. The second phase, in 2017, will focus on the other    districts Abs – Hajjah – and Al-Zuhra in Al-Hudeida targeting the other 850 youth. The project aims to create job opportunities for 1700 youth and integrate them with businesses of 3*6 approach that's initiated by conducting two introductory workshops on the project and then raising the community awareness tailored to receive as many beneficiaries as we can who will be registered and participated in the project activities. Then, SDF will undertake the ToT on financial literacy of which those trainers, from the same targeted governorates, will be training the beneficiaries on FL. The project starts with Cash for Work to promote the self-reliance of such vulnerable community members to be able to survive during rampant and violent situation as well as contribute in improving the stability of communities. Having finished this activity, the youth will have saving from their daily wages and then participate in other activities like life and business development skills and financial literacy. These activities will give them the chance to improve their potentials and skills so they can have better living and advance their practical and educational levels as per distinct standards and systematic training. After the acquisition of great skills to run their businesses, they will be integrated in the local markets in each targeted district. SDF will have partnership with local markets and local authorities to identify a specific place in the market to be prepared and equipped; for instance, having a banner for the project title, installing iron cover, designing awareness posts and building cement chairs and fences for sustainability. Those places located in the markets will be primarily employed for awareness raising along with displaying the beneficiaries' products on a weekly basis. Indeed, through their rewarding participation in the markets, they will gain helpful experiences like marketing and ability to realize the marketing needs due to their direct engagement with the local markets. To be on track for the flow of the project activities, SDF will apply its monitoring and evaluation mechanism throughout the project duration by raising the technical and financial reports regularly and conducting follow up visits identified by one visit for each two months and an expert consultant for monitoring and evaluating the project phases. Eventually, SDF will manage grant disbursement for the beneficiaries to start their own businesses in line with strengthening the partnership with the private sectors to accelerate early recovery and employment. 



To focus fully on the goals of sustainable

development and humanitarian response.