Project Summary

The Emergency Protection Services Project for the most vulnerable Households in Sana'a and Al Hudaydah governorates is designed with an objective to increase access of 67,000 IDPs and conflict affected communities in 4 districts of Sana'a (Arhab, Attyal and Hamdan districts) and Al Hoaydah (Azzuhrah district) to life-saving protection assistance and services including GBV survivors as a basic right. SDF plans to strengthen the capacity of humanitarian actors\service providers, authorities and communities through raising awareness sessions on IHL and information on displacement related rights and access to humanitarian assistance and child protection needs and risks. SDF supports protection needs of conflict-affected individuals including IDPs and host communities both through outreach mobile teams, established\activated Community Based Protection Networks (CBPNs), IDP committees and coordination with local authorities, NGOs, INGOs and UNICEF. Through these structures, SDF provides a holistic response of a range of protection services including raising awareness sessions on GBV prevention and response including access to safe multi-sectoral support services timely case management, referral to medical assistance, psychosocial support, shelter and legal assistance. Furthermore, children exposed to grave child right violations including children released by armed groups, children associated with injuries and disabilities, identified by mobile teams and CBPNs are provided with case management, medical referral, rehabilitation assistance and psychosocial support. A range of other services including, birth registration, Identification documentation, legal assistance, provision of cash assistance to meet outcomes of psychosocial support, and life skills are also provided to the most vulnerable of women, men, girls and boys. SDF has developed experience in family tracing and reunification of separated and unaccompanied children through its implemented refugee child protection project (UNHCR) and will provide this service within the emergency planned protection activities in the targeted districts. Due to absence of formal law structures, SDF promotes the role of Akels, Sheikhs and tribal leaders in the protection of conflict affected individuals and assist them to combat harmful mechanisms such as early marriage, child labor, recruitment and domestic family violence. SDF ensures that all assistance promotes safety and dignity of the affected and is provided equitably to men, women, boys and girls from all population groups.


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To focus fully on the goals of sustainable

development and humanitarian response.