Project Summary

Sustainable Development Foundation seeks to deliver Rapid Cholera Response practices to the targeted governorates: Amanat Al-Asimah (all districts), Hajjah (Hajjah City & Mabian District) and Al-Hodeida (Almarawe'a & Bajil Districts) as per its effective strategy in project management. To support Diarrhea Treatment Centers (DTCs) and Oral Rehydration Corners (ORCs) in priority districts of Yemen, the SDF will provide incentives for 646 health service providers at DTCs and ORCs in order to ensure service continuity at the targeted HFs. It's also necessary to involve community members in the project implementation by establishing community committees which will help the Foundation achieve the main purpose of the project. As one of SDF's strengths, it has strong relations with LA and related sectors who will facilitate in keeping the project on track and jointly work with the teams to reduce the risks of cholera outbreak. SDF will apply its strategy in responding to the most affected beneficiaries of cholera through immediate outreach, community sensitization, rapid reporting, referral systems, case management, WASH, provision of rapid test for cholera kits, reagents and chemicals and medications.  

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To focus fully on the goals of sustainable

development and humanitarian response.